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Safe Solution for Heavy Loads; LowBed Transportation

With more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in heavy transport, GK Global produces innovative and reliable solutions for your out-of-gauge loads. GK Global uses owned lowbed trailers to transport loads that cannot be transported by standard modes in terms of size and weight. With its hydraulic and multi-axle lowbed trailer vehicle fleet, it carries all your out-of-gauge loads such as boats and motor yachts, wind turbines, industrial tanks with confidence.

Exebition Transport

GK Global, one of the leading companies in exebition transport, transports your cargo safely.

Exebition Transport

GK Global is one of the leading companies in the sector with 15 years of experience in fair transport. GK Global’s general principle is to ensure that the right product, which is the key point in fair transport, is in the right place at the right time without any damage.

The New Name of Smooth Transportation and Reliable Service; Fair Transportation

GK Global, which has signed 1200 projects in the field of fair transportation, makes a difference in the field of fair transportation thanks to its customer satisfaction-oriented service principle. It realizes this difference with hydraulic, pooled and multi-axle vehicle fleet options with the latest technology. These vehicle fleets, which keep operational coordination at the highest level, are equipped with the latest technology and are carried out by an expert and professional team.

Offering customized solutions in project transportation, GK Global provides high overhead transportation;

  • Motorcycle
  • Automotive
  • Furniture
  • Large Size Pedestal Stands
  • Heavy Textiles
  • Display Products

Exebition Transport
15+ years

Experience and expertise

Exebition Transport

Achieved Project

The Reliable and Fast Way of Fair Transportation GK Global

By contacting GK Global’s expert and professional staff in fair transportation, you can ensure that everything you need for the fair is transported safely. GK Global has extensive experience in fair transportation and with its modern and specially designed vehicle fleet, it always offers suitable solutions to its customers’ needs in the field of fair transportation.

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Satisfaction Oriented Service
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